Porcelain Tulip by Anna Volkova

The tulip became one of the greatest symbols of Dutch culture. It represents both the Golden Age and an up-to-date flower trade in the Netherlands.

“My artworks are a tribute to the inspiration that tulips have given to numerous artists and designers for hundreds years.  The variety of shapes and colours, short existence and fragility of tulips fascinate me. I try to catch their beauty and therefore chose porcelain for its cleanliness, plasticity and translucency. It represents purity as well as luxury and greatly expresses the grace of the tulip”.

Anna Volkova has spent years studying and experimenting with the porcelain and developed some techniques based on old Chinese recipes that enable her to make extremely thin, resistant and translucent objects. Each flower is made by hand and gets its individual look after firing at a high temperature. The curly, almost baroque shape of the tulip and its fragile surface make it look as a piece of jewelry.

Each tulip is unique in its shape and colour combination. It is hand sculpted from tinted or white porcelain and fired at a high temperature. The non-glazed treatment allows for a gentle matte texture, giving the appearance of a real flower.